January 21, 2010

OBAMA HOPD TOUR -- Hug Of Political Death (pronounced hoped)

Jon Corzine hugs Obama: He HOPD to have won Governor of New Jersey, but, as it happens...with the help from Obama, Corzine lost the race to Chris Christie. Some were pretty convinced that wen Corzine called Christie "fat", that was about what did him in. Remember to stay classy, Democrats!

Creigh Deeds hugs Obama: He HOPD to have won Governor of Virginia'09, but with the help of Obama, he lost to Bob McDonnell.

Martha Coakley hugs Obama: She HOPD to win; but lost the Senate race to Scott Brown in Massachusetts. Gotta love the look of enthusiasm on Obama's face ;)

I predict this win by Scott Brown to be a historical tipping point in American politics. Just sayin'.

Stay tuned for more...they're sure to come. Particularly looking forward to Nevada, for Harry Reid! ;)
Feel free to submit any HOPD that I may have missed, thanks in advance!

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