January 25, 2010


This is to date, the most brutal written tirade on President Obama and his ways...it's golden!
The real kicker here is the Professor's biggest complaint is Obama hasn't tacked far enough to the LEFT!!

One of the commenters of the piece says this:

"No, the "best prescription for wrecking a Presidency" is to elect someone incapable of doing the job. Did you vote for Obama? In the primary? You're silent on that.

If you did, then this sums up your article: "I gave my car keys to my five-year-old and that miserable brat crashed into a tree and wrecked everything. That despicable little brat is the worst driver in history."

(And I don't mean that as an insult to Obama, I mean it as an exact metaphor for his qualifications relative to the job of the Presidency.)

Of course, Obama is not a kid, and he is to blame for seeking a job he was TOTALLY unqualified to do. But the blame is shared by every adult who voted for a TOTALLY unqualified candidate, especially in the primary.

I don't need you to tell me Obama sucks. I want you to explain the Great Mystery: how any sentient adult could believe a TOTALLY unqualified person could succeed as President. Regardless of his 'message.' Regardless of what you thought of Hillary. None of that excuses giving the car keys to a five-year-old.

It's disgraceful for the 'Progressive Movement' to now cry about what Obama has 'done to our movement.' Do you remember the 1984 viral video? You discredited your own movement by enabling this transparent fraud -- and everybody outside of your ingrown dreamworld sees that."

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Hat tip: Uncle Jimbo

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