January 3, 2010


This executive order is extremely troubling; a very telling Christmas gift to Americans, albeit given under the radar - of course!... we(some) were busy buying Christmas gifts and were busy doing everything else related to the holidays. We are now learning that this time is opportune for Obama's dirty work. This maneuver cannot be put lightly, it's an outright kick in the crotch to America, our sovereignty, our Constitution.
The picture I've posted is certainly - given this new item- more appropriate now, more than ever...regardless of the original interpretations of this photo. On its face, it tells all we already knew, AND has confirmed any more doubts on how this man sees AMERICA!! If this Presidents' invocations of his interests in Americans being "citizens of the world" was any doubt to you before, stay tuned...read on...

-Link to Threats Watch
-Link to Free Republic

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