February 13, 2009


I have not been one of those nitpicking type of critics of President Obama; certainly a critic of blatant missteps and fundamental disagreements, but, this entry speaks to what much(around 48% of voters) of America already knew - or at least believed to be the case with Barack Obama... his proctologists view of the strength and effectiveness of our military, his naive view of everyday life in middle America(arugula) his simplistic view(agenda)for how middle America should percieve the "rich", his audacious invocations of government needing to being there to pick you up when you're down. President Obama is a brilliant person. On a personal note, I like him. I want his bad ideas and bills to fail, but I want his Presidency to succeed for the sake of America. Unfortunately, in his first month as President, the perception of him as a lightweight with the dead serious matters is bearing itself out to be true.

It pains me to see lightweight-ness in the position of the President of the United States. These missteps by our President are noticed(watched) by the rest of the world. Myself, I've always been a fan of strength with POTUS...no matter who it is, strength I believe, is and has to be the bedrock impression-and of course reality- particularly, to Americans. Of all the faults and descriptions given of President Bush, never was he called or critiqued as a lightweight. Call it as I see it.

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