July 12, 2011


 Yikes! Sinead O'Connor, in 1990 had a lot of young males attention; with her wanting sultry tunes...despite her shaved head - which was quite counter culture.  Times have changed - as has she...



  1. Firstly, that second picture isn't of Sinéad O'Connor.
    Secondly, you're an arsehole.

  2. I should learn from my own frustration at other online users blurting out what they think... and qualify that last comment.
    I think you're an arsehole because you put up a post that has no purpose other than to make fun of someone who has put on weight and isn't as beautiful as she was when she was younger. Who doesn't fall into that category?
    Other than that, I'm sure you're an alright guy.

  3. Good catch, Anonymous! I'll find the picture of Sinead - which actually looks as good as Natalie Portman ;)
    Sometimes my purpose on this blog is simply to juxtapose; something liberals sometimes simply cannot, will not do. My other aim is simply to be somewhat funny. In all sincerity, you must admit there is a major digression in sinead's looks. A LOT of people do NOT fall into her category, IMHO.

  4. these are both sinead, same tattoos. she let herself go big time. it happens, thats life. we get to be young and then we get to be old, can you handle it?

  5. Doesn't matter what Sinéad does to herself, she has the energy of a Celtic warrior-priestess coarsing through her, she'll be beautiful forever <3 So there :-P

  6. Wow what a fat slag !!