April 27, 2010


 If you're simply not interested in the criticisms of this administration, particularly Obamacare, and you blanketly defend every move Obama makes...go ahead and keep on with the rationalizing, defend it - or be offended by it; I am offended by it, so I share as much relevant info as I can, from the best of the best of writers, thinkers, talkers, doers.  The message is simple - the mainstream media is not doing its job as it should - in fact, is usually an arm of public relations for Obama. Fact.
It is a heartening fact that those that do not share Obama's worldview are vigilant, tireless, and on principle...unbending! This blog, with all of the resources within, try to help the purpose of informing America more, not less. An exceptional America, lives and breathes and defends an exceptional life.

The Obama administration is bending virtually every one of America's first principles. I refuse to be duped.

This news on Obamacare is must read...
This, This, and This...which wonderfully vindicates Sarah Palin, with regard to her characterization of what she meant by "death panels".

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