December 20, 2009


It is no surprise here that I'm not an Obama fan; regardless, Michael Goodwin is a columnist that has been somewhat of a weather vane for me for the last couple years. I first noticed him as a frequent guest on the Lou Dobbs show on CNN. He was center-left commentary on the 08 Presidential race. I observed him back then as a fair and equal critic of the McCain and Obama - generally more critical of McCain. Nontheless, his genuine(to my sense)critique of the candidates was something that I appreciated and followed...not terribly frequently, but enough.
This said, here is his sense today for the choice he made as a President. Given, it wasn't the choice I made, but this speaks to, and lends credence to his ability to be fair and critical on the political landscape. Particularly humble of him because many that believe the way he does, have decided instead to dig in their heels in support of President Obama - a fools errand ,in my view.

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