January 9, 2011


Could the very sad and unfortunate event in AZ been avoided, or at least minimized by a friendly, gun-toting constituency ?  Of course! A 2nd Amendment, pro-gun, conservative crowd would have undoubtedly drawn arms and killed Arizona gunman immediately.  Instead, a gun-free crowd of Democrats sadly, are again victims of their own policy/ideology... gunman continues killing and maiming innocent people. Fortunately, the gunman was tackled by two bystanders...Tackeled, not shot!  Pansies!

Unfortunately, an unarmed, passive, feel good, utopian group of people prevented a perfectly legitimate suicide from occurring. Now, they will feel good paying for his life long therapy in prison.

"The pansy left" 
       -George Orwell


  1. Hello there! I think I know someone who might miss you judging by the bits of conversation I heard last night while he was talking with his birthday. He said he's tried to talk to you and you never reply :( you might want to have a chat with him about the "have you hugged a hippie today" bumper sticker he has on his car..... I think he's turning into a liberal ;) hahaha.

  2. So George thinks they deserve it because of their policy on gun control? That is one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard. WTF is this country getting to? A group of people (extreme right wingers/terrorists) think that innocent people gathering to meet a politician deserve to get shot because they support gun control. I don't support gun control but I also don't pack (neither do you) when I'm out in public so do we get lumped into the "idiot" group also? I really don't know who scares me more, extreme lefties or extreme righties..........

    Yup, I read your blog