February 12, 2010


...this commenter has summed it up better than anybody I've read in quite a while...

"Rich nailed it! We all probably WISH that the liberals were correct about Guantanamo, Palestine, Islamo-fascists, Iran, jobs -- all of it. Unfortunately, those of us who actually grow up in the real world, have real jobs, create real jobs for others, actually join the military, actually pay over half our incomes in taxes to the feds, states and cities we live in, and see the reality of the "real world" -- we understand that here on earth is NOT Utopia. It is wonderful here. We are lucky to be here, and should strive to be the best we can be for ourselves and our fellow humankind. BUT, we are in the real world where not everybody is the same as us. Too many people did not understand Bush for what he was -- a pendulum swing by our REAL American culture back in the face of a post-9/11 world. Nothing more and nothing less. We elected Europe's best Utopian president (an entitlement baby who never had a real job in his life, and had perhaps the weirdest childhood of any 20th century US president) to replace a realist with a bad Q rating. Now he actually has to do more than "sound presidential". Shock, Bush was not as stupid as the liberals thought!! Shock, if you kiss an Iranian fascist he kicks you back. Hello Jimmie Carter and pass the peanuts."

-Rich Lowry - The Presidents Reality Problem

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